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阿尔玛·哈勒 Alma Har'el

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人物简介:Alma Har'el is a music video and film director, best known for her documentary Bombay Beach, which took the top prize at Tribeca Film Festival in 2011, received a nomination for a 2011 Independent Spirit "Truer than Fiction" award, and has been taught in several universities, including Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Lab and Film Center, as a genre redefining work. Har’el is famous for her ability to artistically blur the lines between documentary and fiction, effectively utilizing choreographed dance sequences and inspired musical choices in a surreal, dream-like poetic meditation on life. Stephan Holden of The New York Times wrote about Har'el's film Bombay Beach: “it looks and feels like a fever dream about an alternate universe. Suffused with a sense of wonder, it hovers, dancing inside its own ethereal bubble”. Alma is married to writer director Boaz Yakin.